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Congratulations Rahul ji for a brilliant campaign

“ In Gujarat, Congress Party scored a moral victory, a BJP bastion that has turned into a Hindutva laboratory of polarization and bigotry. Despite tremendous odds, Congress Party increased its legislative seats and vote share,” said George Abraham, Vice-Chairman of the newly reconstituted Indian Overseas Congress, USA.

IOC congratulates Mr. Rahul Gandhi for conducting a statesmanlike campaign and exposing the fallacy of the ‘Gujarat Development model’ which promotes crony capitalism at the expense of its ordinary citizens”. On the other hand, we are disappointed that the Prime Minister was once again engaged in invoking religious symbolism or exploiting a statement from an opposition party leader or even implying that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of colluding with Pakistan to fix the Gujarat election. It was indeed a low point of the campaign. However, Modi Ji may have succeeded in diverting the focus away from development to these extraneous issues for political expediency.

Finally, we respect the decision of the voters to give another term to BJP manifesting the strength and resilience of India’s democracy. It is vital that the Institutions of democracy that were created under the Nehruvian vision remain strong and resolute in defending freedom and voter’s right to choose their leaders. The current allegations against the tampering of the EVM machines should be thoroughly investigated and the integrity of the election process ought to be preserved.

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