Friday, June 2, 2023

“Locked In” Movie A Success


“Locked In”, The much-anticipated North American Indigenous Malayalam movie, produced and filmed entirely in The North East USA (NY & NJ Area). Its team held a very private screening of this movie in Rockland County, NY. To say the least it has exceeded viewer expectations, based on the reviews given by the attendees.

“Locked In” was Directed by Sabarinath Nair, Featuring: Shaji Edward, Savitha Rao, Hannah Areechira, Albin Anto, Sunny Kallooppara, and Joel Ratner as the lead characters.The movie was produced by “ShowNine Productions” in association with “John Martin Productions”. The story, screenplay, and dialogues for the movie were written by the Director Sabarinath Nair. Harilal Nair is the Executive Producer of the movie and Jaison Paulose Chacko is the Associate Director.

The main character, Richard Martin is played by (Shaji Edward) who is a wealthy-widowed businessman, who happens to be a successful Indian American Steller Prize winning writer. His daughter Jennifer Martin is played by (Hannah Areechira), she is a college student with a pleasant personality. Jennifer finds the love of her life Rahul, who is played by (Albin Anto) he attends the same college and has recently moved here from India for higher studies. Through a series of events based out of jealousy and greed things take an unexpected turn causing the story to turn violent and grim. The movie definitely leaves the audience with relevant questions, prompting the audience to ponder whether the Director and Producer is planning on a sequel…

The entire movie was made extremely well and leaves the audience in suspense waiting to find out what the next scene will reveal. The acting, directing, storyline, scripting, music, locations and plot was very well written and thought out. I give it a 10/10 and I recommend all to see it and enjoy this masterpiece. You can really feel the energy of all the people that worked behind this movie, they really gave it everything they got. Really a wonderful presentation of artistic abilities and talent. I have to say that this movie was a great success and look forward to other work in the future. Good luck to the entire team of “Locked In”.


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