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പെൻസിൽവാനിയ കാർവാഷിൽ വെടിവയ്പ്, 5 മരണം

Pennsylvania;;;;Multiple people were fatally shot at a car wash in western Pennsylvania early Sunday, according to reports.

As many as five people were killed in Melcroft, Pa., state police told local news channel WPXI.

Another victim was reportedly rushed to a hospital.

Officials told WPXI the shooting happened at about 3 a.m. Sunday in Melcroft, a town more than 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Multiple people were killed in the overnight shooting, which reportedly took place at a car wash. (@WPXIGIGI VIA TWITTER)
Three men and two women are among the dead, state police told ABC affiliate WTAE.

State troopers declined to provide any information when contacted Sunday morning.

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