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Commemoration of Dr. Sreedhar Kavil, Champion of Pravasi Affairs


World Malayalee Council instituting a Chair by name “Dr. Sreedhar Kavil Chair on Pravasi affairs” and “An International Business Award” in memoriam of his distinct contributions in Pravasi issues, Business studies and academic excellence.  Late Prof. Dr. Sreedhar Kavil was, Dean of Marketing Management at St. John’s university, New York and Global Advisory Board Chair of WMC.

World Malayalee Council organized a commemorative function on 29th of June 2017 at Gokulam Park, Kochin, at the first death anniversary of Dr. Kavil.  Meeting was presided by Johnny Kuruvilla[Muscat], former Global President of WMC. The longtime associate of Dr. Kavil and former Global President of WMC Shri Alex Vilanilam Koshy, recollected the fond memories of the various facets of Dr. Sreedhar Kavil, an academician, an intellectual, WMC ideologue and above all a loving human being.  Adv. Shivan Madathil , Chairman of Global Environmental Forum, welcomed the gathering and the function was addressed by the Global Chairman, Issac Pattaniparambil and Global President Dr, A.V.Anoop over the telephone. World Malayalee Council is indebted to this great soul on his contribution on Pravasi issues, formulation of its bylaws, organisational structuring and placing WMC on an intellectual pedestal. 

 Adv. Cyriac Thomas (Global Vice President Admin.) moved a Resolution reading: 

“World Malayalee Council shall be Instituting a Chair by name “Dr. Sreedhar Kavil Chair on Pravasi affairs” and An International Business Award in memoriam of his distinct contributions in Pravasi issues, Business studies and academic excellence. Dr. Kavil memorial Chair on Pravasi Affairs shall be conducting an yearly lecture series on specific topics of international affairs, International Business and economics.

The following plans of action were also proposed to be taken up by WMC: 

  1. To establish a B School with specific thrust promoting specialization and advanced studies Business and Management.   
  2. To explore, identify and take up further action on the unfinished work done by Dr. Kavil in the areas
  3. Make a representation to the Chief Minister of Kerala to take immediate steps for implementing Pravasi Property Protection Act and the commission established under the Act.

The resolution was unanimously passed and forwarded to the Global Executive Council for its final approval. The meeting was blessed by the synergizing effect of Dr. Kaval’s Charismatic galvanizing impact on WMC, when the former Global General Secretary, Joseph Killian joined the gathering and expressed his passionate intentions of working together as one team and one WMC.  Global Vice Chairman Michael Stephan, Abu Dhabi Province President Paul Vadassery, Global Chair for Youth Rajesh Johny, Global Chair on IT Irfan Malik, Thiru Kochi Province Chairman Henry Austin, Jose Lukose, Adv. K.V.Prakash, Rajan George, adv. Praveen Joy  spoke on the occasion. 

Dr. Sreedhar Kavil


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